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The plant list below is not exhaustive, and BB Fabrications have a flexible investment policy.

BB Fabrications would consider investment options that would facilitate more economic manufacturing of customer products on a firm order basis.

Please do not hesitate to call us on 01422 347513 or you can email us if you require any further details.

Laser Cutting

CNC LVD Orion Laser Cutter

3000mm x 1500mm
15mm mild steel
8mm stainless steel


LVD Shape 20t CNC Turret punch
2500mm x 100mm sheet
3mm mild steel
19 station

Guillotines / Shearing

Edwards Pearson 2mm x 3.5mm
NC power back gauge

Press Brake & Folders

Ursviken 3m x 100 tonne CNC press brake 7 axis
LVD 1.25m 40 tonne NC press brake 2 axis
2 x Barnes 1.2m 15 tonne press brake
Morgan Rushworth 2.5 x 2mm box and pan folder
Morgan Rushworth 1.25 x 1.5mm box and pan folder


Kitchen & Walker radial drill
Modig radial drill
5 x off pillar drills


Edwards pyramid rolls, 1500mm rolls
Morgan Rushworth 1250mm rolls
Ercolina ring rolls, various formers for tube rolling, 16mm, 25mm, 50mm diameter


Brown 315 cut off saw
Bewo 300 cut off saw
Band saw, 150mm jaws

Welding Plant

1x Miller TIG HF welding machines
1x Lincoln TIG HF Welding machine
2 x Thermal Arc TIG 300 welding machine
1x TIG inverter (light weight for site work)
8x various MIG welding machine from 180A to 300A
1x spot welding machine
1x stick welding machine
1x genset (for power and welding onsite)

Miscellaneous Plant

Armarda 200 variable angel corner notcher
Belt linisher 200mm x 150mm belt
Belt linisher 100mm x 100mm belt
Sheet edge linisher
Geka 55 hydraulic punch
Geka micro crop punch
2 tonne overhead crane
1.5 tonne gas powered fork truck
1x VW Crafter 3500kg Flatbed
2x VW Caddy vans

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